Exploring Clare (it’s not what you may think)

After a busy week at work this week, I couldn’t wait for some time to myself to do one of the things I love best; exploring.

As you might have guessed from my post about Normandy which you can read here, my husband, and I love to travel, and while we might not be able to go abroad to do it as often as we’d like, luckily the UK is such an interesting place that we don’t always need to get on a plane to explore.

This weekend we visited a village in the Suffolk countryside called Clare. As with a lot of English villages, it’s not particularly large, but it is surprisingly packed with things to fill up a lazy Saturday.

Clare high street

View of Clare from the mound

A couple of pretty little cafés will set you off to a good start with breakfast or brunch and if you go on the third Saturday of the month, you can also prepare your snacks or a packed lunch by stocking up on the produce of the local market.

Once your belly’s full, you can burn off all the calories by taking a wander along the quaint little streets, through the old Priory gardens and into the surrounding country park.

Me sitting in the Priory gardens

Kris and I had heard about the old motte and bailey castle and the disused railway station, both in the country park, and wanted to see them for ourselves. We both love new things, and for me, the railway station marooned in a sea of grass was a first. Both of the station buildings still exist, as do the platforms, but the only type of transport that will get you there are your legs. Get ready for some walking.

However, one of the buildings is now a quaint little cafe where you can get teas, coffee and cake so it is easy to refuel after exploring the park and the castle. If you can manage to eat any more food after a big brunch that is.

Disused railway platforms in Clare Country Park

Clare is a beautiful spot and if you enjoy hidden gems, then this is one to put on your list.

I’m always looking for new places to explore, so comment below with your recommendations!

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