Green (jumper) is Queen

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Valentine’s is over, but wow – green jumper, do I love you!

In case you hadn’t gotten the idea from my short (and embarrassing) rhyme above, I love my new green jumper. A bargain at £19.00 from Forever 21, it is a newly discovered treasure of mine.

Whilst I tell all my clothes that I love them equally, like all relationships, secretly I am playing favourites. Every few weeks, I buy an item of clothing that becomes a new obsession. This month is the turn of my new jumper.

Wandering through Liverpool city centre on my way to a meeting, my attention was initially captured by the huge Forever 21 sign right smack-bang in the middle of the highstreet. It was one of my favourite shops when I visited New York as a teenager and I was so excited when the chain opened in my local shopping centre, Lakeside. Unfortunately, everyone else mustn’t have loved Forever 21 as much as me, because after being open for only 5 years or so, the chain moved to close most of its stores in the UK.

Discovering a Forever 21 still open in England sent me spiralling into the realms of excitement and left me with no choice but to venture into the shop. Once inside, I spotted a jade coloured jumper on a mannequin and immediately I was sold.

As a jumper, clearly it is a suitable purchase for this time of year, but the beautiful green colour means that it will continue to be wearable right through spring. Versatile or what?

Below are three of the ways that I will be wearing the jumper over the next few months.

Green jumper worn with mom jeans

This is my first outfit. Paired with mom jeans from Noisy May and a western style belt, I like this outfit because it’s relaxed but still quirky. I have even managed to hit the striped trend for Spring Summer 2018. Yay me!

Green jumper worn with a pencil skirt for workChange of outfit. This time, I am wearing the jumper with a pencil skirt and bell sleeved blouse from H&M. Again, the pencil skirt is on trend this season, but where the skirts that hit the runway for SS 18 were looser and midi-length, the skirt I am wearing is still pretty form-fitting and falls just above my knee. However, as the green jumper is so loose, wearing a tighter skirt balances the silhouette. Plus, I just like it, ok?

In this outfit, I think the jumper looks smart enough that I will be wearing this to work.

Green jumper worn with shorts for spring

Finally, this is how I would transition the jumper into spring. When the weather starts getting warmer, shorts are a good way to balance out the heavy knit of the jumper and make the look more summery.

To be honest though, I’m such a cold person that I’ll probably still be wearing this jumper in the height of summer on holiday in southern Spain. I’m not weird, I promise.

And just to demonstrate to you the kind of conditions that I have to work in, here are a couple of pictures of my audience from this particular photoshoot.

Green jumper photoshoot with my cat

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