A dash of romance

This year (and every other year too) my husband and I will be having our Valentine’s meal a few days late. As Scrooge-like as that may seem, neither of us can be bothered to fight to book a table and pay the exorbitant amount of money that restaurants charge just because they can. Whilst I am a sucker for the Hallmark-esque nature of the day by expecting a mushy card, fancy chocolates and a bunch of flowers, the fact that we have been together for practically 10 years means that generally speaking, we both prefer to sit in with a takeaway and watch a film – the original Disney Beauty and a Beast if I get my way!

That being said, we do still use February as an opportunity to treat ourselves to a nice meal and for me that means a fantastic excuse to buy a new outfit and get dressed up.

Now, I know I’m being dramatic, but don’t you feel like winter is taking forever to pass? The trees are still depressingly bare, the sky is still perpetually grey and I can still see my breath every time I step outside. That’s why I’m determined that this year I will start to bring my own element of spring into existence by wearing a Valentine’s outfit that reflects the beautiful colours and shapes of the flowers that are destined to begin blooming in – hopefully – just a few short weeks.

Here are my top 6 picks of spring-influenced Valentine’s fashion to bring a dash of romance to your day.


* All images are taken from the brand websites. Each image is hyperlinked to the specific page.

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