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Valentine’s treats

2018 marks the 27th year of the longest relationship of my life. It’s with a great, although sometimes loopy, person. She’s called me.

As Valentine’s Day very quickly rocks around, instead of focussing on what my better half could get me, I have been thinking about ways to treat myself. My company’s annual Conference is at the beginning of February and as a member of the supporting HR team, I have been feeling the in making sure that all of our people-related plans are ready to launch the minute the screen on stage goes blank. The heat has most definitely been on during January. Therefore, whilst Valentine’s Day has traditionally been a day when loved ones gift each other, I will be gifting myself (and my husband – I’m not completely selfish!).

Here are my top 10 treats under £15 that are in my Valentine’s list for myself, because who needs to be in a relationship to deserve nice things?

* All images are taken from the brand websites. Each image is hyperlinked to the specific page.

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