Trouser time

Pears. Beautiful fruit – sweet, shapely, soft. But you don’t see them wearing trousers, do you?

I am a ‘pear shaped’ woman. Not to the extreme, I’ll grant you, but enough to say that I broadly fit into the category. However, whilst in some ways I love it – I think I look good in an A-line or high-waisted, pleated skirt – in other ways I curse it. From afar, a defined waist and rounded hips can make for an attractive combination, but practically speaking, the high-street is not made for the pear. Dresses, shorts, and trousers all make for an interesting (and often extremely frustrating) shopping experience.

For a while now, I have needed a new pair of trousers for the office. The ones I currently have are either a bit worn and tired, a bit too big, or – shock horror – ‘out of style’ (the excuse I use when I feel the need to buy new seasonal clothes). Unfortunately, due to the issues I have with getting bottoms to fit, I have been putting off my trouser-buying forays for a few weeks but today it finally came to crunch time. I had finally worn a hole in my favourite pair of office trousers. Finally.

Cue the ominous music.

On any normal day, a shopping trip is actually one of my preferred hobbies. But not when I need to buy ‘INSERT THINGS THAT MUST FIT YOUR HIPS AND WAIST HERE’. I cannot afford to buy designer clothes for anything other than the odd blue-moon occasion, so high street stores are my main port of call. Unfortunately, your average pair of trousers in your average high street shop do not seem to have received the notification that women with a higher-than-average hip-to-waist ratio exist.

After trying on pair after pair of trousers that either fit my hips but gaped dramatically at the waist, or pairs that fit my waist but were so tight across my hips that I worried any slight bend would send the zip soaring across the room, I finally found a couple of pairs that fit.


Topshop’s Belted Peg Trouser or Ruffle Waist trousers seem to fit well, or H&M’s Checked Cigarette trousers do the job nicely. But my favourite are Zara’s Flannel Trousers are my absolute favourite (features in the main pictures at the top) although they come up slightly large. I have them in grey, but I fully intend to buy them in navy too.

After my fashion forays today, I can rest easy for a while. Say, a couple of months?

In the interest of full disclosure, my measurements are 26” waist, 36” hips and 32” leg. The trousers sizes that I bought are all below the pictures.

Zara Flannel Trousers £25.99
Topshop Belted Cropped Cigarette Trousers £20
Topshop Ruffle Waist Trousers £36
H&M Cigarette Trousers £19.99



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